Broker Registration

Broker Registration


A commission will be paid based on the following schedule to any properly licensed real estate broker whose Buyer/Bidder is the successful purchaser for this property and who actually closes and pays the Total Contract Sale Price for this property.

TWO PERCENT (2%) commission, on the High Bid, will be paid on any pre-auction written opening bid of at least Seventy Percent (70%) of the high bid. The Broker Registration Form is below. IF AN OPENING BID IS NOT WRITTEN ON THE BROKER PARTICIPATION FORM OR DOES NOT EQUAL AT LEAST SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) OF THE HIGH BID, THEN ONLY A ONE PERCENT (1%) COMMISSION, on the High Bid, WILL BE PAID TO THE BROKER. THE MAXIMUM BROKER PARTICIPATION WILL NOT EXCEED (2%) OF THE HIGH BID.

STEP 1: Auction Property Information

STEP 2: Opening Bid

STEP 3: Broker Information

STEP 4: Buyer Information

We will not contact your buyer without your permission.



  • BROKER MUST register his buyer/bidder by filling out the Broker Registration Form, in full, and submit it below. To be received no later than 24-hours prior to Auction date. Broker Registration Forms sent directly to seller will not be honored.
  • BROKER must show the property in person to his Buyer/Bidder.
  • BROKER must attend and register with his Buyer/Bidder at the auction and encourage bidding.
  • BROKER agrees that BROKER will not claim any exceptions to the foregoing procedures unless made in writing and signed by SELLER.
  • BROKER agrees that no oral registration will qualify BROKER for commission.
  • BROKER agrees that BROKER will not be entitled to a commission, if BROKER or any member of BROKER'S family or firm participates, as a principal at the Auction.
  • BROKER shall give an affidavit to this effect, if requested. BROKER agrees that BROKER'S commission will be due upon final closing of the purchase by his Buyer/Bidder with all consideration paid in full.
  • BROKER agrees that only the first registration of prospective Buyer/Bidder will be accepted and honored.
  • BROKER agrees that commission will ONLY be paid at time of closing and will be disbursed by Escrow Agent.
  • BROKER agrees that he shall hold harmless and indemnify Jerome J. Manning & Co., Inc., including its reasonable attorney's fees, from any and all claims with regard to such commission.


No broker will be recognized on a prospect who has previously contacted Seller or Manning & Co., or has been previously contacted by Seller or Manning & Co. A complete registration file on all prospects will be maintained. All registrations accepted by Jerome J. Manning & Co., Inc. will be acknowledged via e-mail and in writing at the auction registration desk. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure. No oral registrations will be accepted.

An affidavit stating that neither broker, nor any of his employees or agents, nor any member of their immediate family, is a principal, will be required to be signed at auction.