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There are excellent opportunities for Real Estate Professionals to earn profits through auction, the accelerated marketing method for selling, by representing either the buyer or seller of an auction property.  JJManning Auctioneers is proud to be a member of the National Association of Realtors and strongly encourages the participation of Realtors®, Brokers, and Agents in our auctions. 

Register Your Buyer for an Auction

Incentive programs for Brokers registering buyers are auction specific, based on terms defined by the property consignor. To pre-register your buyer(s) for an upcoming auction, visit our Calendar, click on the listing of interest, and then on the “Buyer’s Broker Terms” link provided for a commission schedule and online registration form. There is a Broker incentive program associated with most non-foreclosure auctions.  If you are unable to find a link, please call us for assistance at 800-521-0111. We welcome and value your participation.

Refer an Auction Property

Thousands of real estate professionals are earning commissions selling real estate through affiliation with an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional auction firm such as JJManning. The Auction Method is an effective real estate sales tool designed to provide your client a quick, no-contingency sale with a convenient closing date and the option to set a minimum.   A professionally marketed and conducted Auction event will create an unparalleled level of excitement about their property, bringing pre-qualified vested buyers together in direct competition, maximizing the seller’s profit and your commission.  Your role as the referring agent will be respected through the entire process.  Although they may interact with our staff, the seller remains your client.

If you are ready to be contacted about referring an auction property, please complete this form. 
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  • Property will be marketed jointly under JJManning Auctioneers and your banner
  • Your listing ... Your auction … Your client
  • The ability to choose when property will sell and when you will be paid
  • Accelerated Marketing allows a sale in as quickly as 30 days
  • As little as 60 days list to close
  • Direct competition generates higher prices and leaves no money on the table
  • Increased profits
  • Less work for more money – we market and conduct the auction, you earn a commission
  • The ability to set the terms of sale
  • Property sells "as is, with all faults, without contingency"
  • Pre-qualified and vested buyers
  • Prospects are forced to a point of decision
  • Seller is removed from the negotiation process
  • 95%+ closing rate
  • New service option for your clients in the form of an aggressive marketing alternative
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Increase market share and revenues
  • Enhance your professional image as an innovative, full-service broker
  • More referral and return business
  • Post-auction "hot" prospect lists
  • We're on your team, not your payroll


  • Unique or trophy properties
  • Property with more than a local appeal
  • Property that would benefit from regional or national marketing
  • Property that needs to be sold quickly
  • Property that needs to be sold “as is” or “without contingency”
  • Property that is difficult to price or has few comps
  • Property that is hard to sell
  • Property that has been on the market too long
  • Property held by more than one owner
  • Property involved in asset liquidation (estate, divorce, etc.)
  • Property where offers have fallen through due to contingencies
  • Property listings that are due to expire


  • Over 43+ Years Experience
  • Over $4 Billion in Successful Auction Sales
  • Live & Online Auctions
  • Contingency Free Sales
  • 95% closed sales, at or above client's reserve price
  • Accelerated Marketing
  • In-House Advertising Agency
  • Staff with the highest educational designations in the real estate auction industry
  • Leading Realtor®/Auctioneers
  • No obligation Written Proposals

JJManning Auctioneers has been a leader in the sale of real estate at auction for over 43+ years, offering superior sale support and an array of sophisticated marketing solutions to help meet clients' needs. We have distinguished ourselves through the knowledge and professionalism of our staff and by establishing successful long-term relationships with real estate professionals. Utilizing our expertise, personalized service, and quality accelerated marketing programs, JJManning Auctioneers will provide the experience and efficiency your clients need as well as the care they deserve.

Auction properties are showcased by a full-color brochure or postcard mailer sent directly to a targeted buyer pool that will include prospect categories such as investors, upper end executives, and specialized mailing lists based on geography, demographics, property interests, and purchase history generated utilizing the extensive network of resources at our command. Well-timed, eye-catching advertisements are placed in a comprehensive mix of local, regional, national publications as appropriate to the property. Internet marketing via JJManning.com and other resources will bring information about the property to millions of prospects via the World Wide Web while custom signage will draw local buyers to your auction event.

It’s as simple as introducing us to your seller.  JJManning Auctioneers will prepare a no obligation written proposal to educate, make you both comfortable with the auction process, and assure you of our ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently while leaving nothing to chance. We want you and your client to continue to feel the comfort of working together.  We will work with you, not in place of you.  Team with the professionals at JJManning Auctioneers who can provide expertise in accelerated marketing and handle all the auction details.

Auction marketing is for innovative brokers, setting you apart through a powerful and profitable competitive edge.  More than $51 billion in real estate was auctioned on 2010.  Collaborate with JJManning Auctioneers to get your share of the commissions.  As a special bonus, offering a listing at auction can translate directly into more sales for you.  Only one bidder can buy the auction property.  Imagine having 50 qualified bidders at the event, and then post auction, having a signed P&S and 49 motivated bidders with cash in their pockets anxious to purchase property in your area.  Take full advantage of these valuable leads – they’re yours!.  With your knowledge of the local market and our auction expertise, we can work together toward a year of record profits.